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This is a great program for younger kids. Dave is an amazing teacher and we enjoyed every class. Music is so important for well rounded development and every child should attend a class like this.

Fall Evaluation

We have been in the Music Together® classes for about 2 years now and
they are absolutely fabulous! The twin boys are always singing,
clapping and dancing, which I am sure has something to do with
introducing Music Together to them as infants. There is nothing like
listening to them as they are laying in bed singing and clapping
together. It is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!


Phenomenal! Like music therapy and play time for me. So fun, met new friends; I cherish this time with my daughter as a working mom... I find myself singing all the time these days!

Fall Evaluation

Finn and Neve Love Dave!


Great quality of instruction and authentic music. We had a great time. I'm very impressed with the program and so happy to have a place that doesn't "dumb down" my child's musical experience. Great work!

Fall Eval

Music Together is a good age-appropriate balance of structure, musical play, and fun.  We've been involved with Music Together for 7 years, 4 teachers, 3 facilities-- and this ranks at the top.  The instructor clearly enjoys children and values their musical development, and has a good sense of humor with them too.

Fall Eval

I think creating music as a community is a lost part of life and this class helps bring that back.

fall eval

So much fun!  Real music.  We've learned ways to explore music in more ways than just listening and clapping.  It was a nice social gathering for both of us, too.

Fall Eval

Great program.  We really enjoy Music Together!


My child's relationship to music has been profound and amazing.  We enjoy coming to music classes, and my child can't wait for Monday mornings.  She wakes up singing the songs from class.

Fall Eval.

Wonderful!  I look forward to it more than I think my kids do!  Fantastic!!

fall eval

I've enjoyed it so much and it's really helped Jai socially and musically.  It's been a good experience for both Jai and I. I think Dave is a great teacher and he is very personable and fun!  The class for parents that he and estela hosted at their house helped a lot with our understanding.

laura snow-aust

It's a wonderful experience for the kids and for me.  The teachers are wonderful and fun.

fall eval

It's fun and both my child and I like it and the music is great.  Dave is awesome-- he makes it such a great class!

fall eval

I can't tell you the number of times that Curt and I have told friends that all of those years of Music Together really made a difference -- he sat and watched from the corner of the room, came home and replicated beats and rhythms and songs, literally from 3 months of age until he started school, and then again with Dave as a 5 or 6 year old.  Anyone watching would have sworn we were wasting our time since he rarely actively engaged.  But now, as a ten year old, he not only enjoys music and has a pretty amazing sense of rhythm -- he also enjoys music that's not Justin Beiber (thank goodness), and would far prefer to listen to the "real stuff," and music from around the world, and I think that's awesome.

allyson shames