About Lua

The Lua Project is our way of connecting all the cultures of our community with music and togetherness. It is also our band, which is an original folk music project playing Mexilachian music, a blend of music from Mexico, the Appalachians of Virginia, and the Atlantic Basin.

Lua’s music is inspired by Mexican Son, Appalachian song forms, Jewish and Eastern European tonalities, baroque melodic ideas, and Scotch-Irish narrative storytelling approaches. We strive to create a repertoire that constitutes new traditional music that we will be able to hand down to our children to experience, transform, and continue to pass along.

Lua has been described as a cultural pollinator, bridging together musical styles from different continents and centuries. Our group writes about contemporary themes, families, people, work and loss, but draws upon the musical traditions of our own families' past.

To learn more about LuaProject, including performance dates, videos, recording releases and interviews, please visit our website and be sure to follow us on our social media channels.