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Spring In-Person or Online Session: April 12th-June 19th.

Song Collection is entitled: Triangle

All of our classes are Mixed age classes for children birth through 6 years of age and their adults. Older siblings are welcome to attend in person classes, but will be charged the sibling fee, as we have strict limits on enrollment for outdoor class. 

BUT, if you are taking online class, and you are at home, what we are seeing is that everyone in the family enjoys being a part of a family class each week. So older kids, grandparents, and other people living with you right now are welcome to join in. This part of it has been a special joyous silver lining to these weird times. There is no additional fee for siblings in the online class. We understand that your elementary age children might be able to attend sporadically, and they are welcome and encouraged to do so.

Cost: In Person Class: $190 (1st child) $95 (siblings) 

Online Zoom class: $175 per family

Note:  We have changed some of our policies around pricing and attendance. We are very much aware that everyone has changing and fluid family and financial situations until the COVID situation improves. If you are with us on zoom, we are not charging for siblings.  We highly encourage you to invite all your children to participate in music class. We are seeing a lot of older siblings join in, and have a great time. You are also welcome to send the zoom link to grandparents, so they can join you! it has been great fun having remote grandparents in class.

Includes: Your weekly 45-minute community music making class (35 minutes online), taught by a licensed Music Together® teacher, a beautifully illustrated songbook, CD, smartphone app, and website access code to dowload your music, as well as access to interesting and fun online MT family resources. 

You may register securely below, or register by phone (434-293-6361) or email, and pay with a check payable to: Blue Ridge Music Together. You’ll receive a confirmation email when we receive your registration.  Limitless make up classes available, dive in when you can.

Questions or need assistance? Give us a call at (434)293-6361 or contact us online.


 When registering, please enter a second and third choice that is workable for you.  If you can only make one class time, let us know in the comments section.    


If you have any questions, please call us: 434.293.6361 or email us

*When you get to the payment screen, you will have a drop down menu to choose between In-person and Zoom prices, for both your first child, and extra siblings. Make sure you choose the appropriate option

Our refund policy: Even before registration opens for a session, we are busy bees planning for your upcoming session. We depend on your payment and commitment to fund the fun, musical environment we have in store for you. For this reason credits/refunds will not be given after the first class and only under extenuating circumstances. As we find our way through COVID-19, lets work together to make our virtual and in person experience count, whether live or in your weekly zoom class, we depend on you the adults to play, participate and follow our lead in providing a safe, fun, musical experience for your children. Thank you for understanding.



We'll confirm your registration via e-mail once we have received your contact information and payment.  However, first choices are not guaranteed. You will receive a CONFIRMATION E-MAIL TWO WEEKS BEFORE CLASSES BEGINS, DETAILING WHICH CLASS YOU ARE IN, AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. We can usually accommodate your first or second choice.