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Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church (Outdoor In-Person)

717 Rugby Rd.
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 242-8488

From Rugby Rd. turn onto Fendall Avenue. Go 50 yards and the parking lot is on the right. Once parked follow the crosswalk onto the sidewalk and straight through the church playground gate. Follow the path through the playground and through the far gate. Take a right down the walk way that leads towards the back of a Gazibo and the Summit house and passed the Madela garden on your right. Walk across the lawn behind the Summit house.  Class is located in the far side yard of the Summit house. The address is 717 Rugby Road Charlottesville VA 22903. If you have any trouble finding the class please call us at 434-293-6361 or on our cell #434-242-8488

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Thomas Jefferson Unitarian Church (Outdoor In-Person)